Day 7 of My Reboot


Breakfast anyone?   🙂

Got up early today and had planned to go to water aerobics at 9:00 but realized I am missing some key things….Like a lock for my locker, my water shoes and my water gloves!   Duh!

Instead I opted to go ride the recumbent bike for a while and my legs feel good, but I sure can feel them!

It was nice to see normal people at the gym….Old, young, gorgeous, built, fat, skinny….you name it!  Makes it a lot easier to work out because people are there to work and not socialize.

After I left the gym, I went over to Weight Watchers to see if there was a meeting.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t for another hour, but I did weigh in.



Can I get a whoop whoop please?

I felt so good!  The process is working!

After I left there, I headed to the Farmers Market but on the way, talked to some very precious people in my life.

During our conversation, I shared my good news and just the general progression of life right now.

At one point, I said, “It’s time for me to stop putting everything in front of myself and do what I need to do so I can LIVE.”

As I said it, I got kind of emotional because that one statement covers all facets of my life….physical, financial and emotional.

For too long I have devalued myself to survive.

That price is too high to pay anymore.

Life is too short and God didn’t put me here to just exist.

We are here for a purpose, a season but mostly for a reason.

Find your reason and your purpose. 

Love the One who loves you unconditionally and thrive.

Journey on!


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