Day 14 – Water Class


Today I went to an aqua aerobics class.

During the class, I thought, “This chick is not that challenging.  She’s not doing this move or that move…etc”

Well, when I got home, my biceps, triceps and quadriceps said otherwise.

I am really sore.

Unfortunately,  the only way to work out that soreness is to go back to the gym tomorrow and work harder.

But….All this is on the path to recovery!

I am down 17 pounds as of today!

In life, we take action and those actions become habits.  Those habits, over time, define our character.

Its taken years for the bad habits in my life to develop. 

So it only makes sense that I am going to have to work and work hard to create new habits.

Most importantly, I need to make it a daily practice to value myself and to act “as if” until my new habits become my new life.

In talking to my Grandmother today, I shared with her how I have always put other people’s needs ahead of my own. 

All my life, I have done whatever it takes to meet needs…even to my detriment.

That practice has to stop.

Boundaries, healthy boundaries need to go up instead.

That’s a large part of this journey.

One day at a time….One step at a time.

Journey on!


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