Day 20 – The Day Before the “Habit”


They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.

So, I guess tomorrow I will have officially replaced a lot of bad habits with several new habits.

Tonight though….I gotta admit…I was:


As I drove home, it seemed like each one of those emotions translated into a food craving and I am not talking about healthy garden salads with lite dressing!

My mind went all over the place as I drove from Duluth to Buford.  I was thinking about:

Chicken Wings

But you know what was funny?  I would “propose” some way to eat some of the food listed above and then immediately say “Nah….You’ve come too far….”

That sentence was followed by, “But everyone deserves a break!”

Again, “Nah….Not a good idea.”

So, after passing all of the fast food opportunities on my route, I turned into my subdivision and walked directly into my house….Did not pass go, did not collect $200….Went directly to my chair.

Well…Dinner was simple.  Scrambled eggs and toasted Ezekiel Bread.

Now I am full. 

Moral of the story is this: 

Don’t ever allow yourself to become too tired and past hungry if you struggle with weight.

Your flesh wants to be soothed.  Doesn’t matter what the need is!

Your body is going to help you think of a way to rationalize your actions. 

Instead, take a moment and recognize what is really happening.

What is the real need?

Is it physical? 

Is it stress? 

Is it fear?

Once you take time out and identify what the core of the issue is, do what I did tonight and count the cost.

Will doing what you are contemplating help you to love yourself more?  Or will it result in more harm?

Psalm 139 is God’s Love Letter to us.  There is nowhere we can go to hide and nothing we can do to surprise Him.  He created us and knows every aspect of US.   Even more than we know ourselves!

There is a wonderful website called The Father’s Love Letter . It has a beautiful narrative illustrating God’s love for us. 

Check it out!

In the meantime, keep pushing through….Even if the best you can do is look down while you walk.

Just keep walking and Journey On!!!


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