Day 21- The Beauty in The Sound of Silence


When I was a child, I spent a lot of time getting to know my Grandparents and Great Grandparents. 

What a blessing that was!

During the times that I would visit my Great Grandparents, there was always a night time routine of sorts.

Dinner, bath, TV time and then off to bed. 

During TV time, My Great Grandmother would often go back to her room, crawl into her bed and listen to a baseball game on her bedside radio.  Other times, she just listened to the sounds of the cattle out back or the cars passing by.

Whenever she did go to bed early,  I would often leave the TV room and try to sneak up on her bedside. 

Of course,  the floors were so creaky, I don’t know who I thought I was fooling!

One night, after being discovered by her bed, I crawled up next to her and said, “Mom, why do you like to go to bed so early?”

She replied, “To stretch my legs out.”

As a young child, that made zero sense! 

Now, as a 46 year old woman, I completely understand her answer.

Tonight, after going through all 120 channels on TV and concluding that there was NOTHING on, I came back to my room, got ready for bed and am now in the process of “stretching my legs out”.

While I don’t hear cattle, I do hear bugs, and dogs and well….Silence.

The beauty of the silence is that for me it’s no longer a noisy, dark place.

I have surrendered the things in my life that were weighing me down and am no longer bound.

I can enjoy the silence along the journey!

To sum it all up, there is a song by Mary Chapin Carpenter called Almost Home.

In the song, she speaks of past relationships and hurts but mostly she sings about not running out, not hiding out and not reaching.

To me, being able to enjoy the silence is almost like being a child again when I was home with my Great Grandmother on those nights.

So…take some time out along this journey, let go of whatever is weighing you down and “stretch out your legs!”

Journey On!!!


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