“Healing Our Hearts and Releasing Our Creativity”

Wonderful post!!!

Don’t mute the colors that God designed to shine!!


FLY (Chick)One thing we have observed frequently over the years is how the healing of our hearts can result in a release of our creativity. For example, we recall a woman who was a wonderful artist who had laid down her painting for years. As she began to work with us and pursued the healing of her heart, she eventually felt the desire to resume her painting. As a result, a gift that God had given her was now being used again and many were blessed by it. Most of all, God was blessed to see her heart becoming alive again. The painting was just an expression of what had occurred in her heart.

The Glory of God is a Heart Fully Alive

The above quote from Irenaeus is so very true and it is such a joy for us to see hearts come alive! God is the ultimate Creator—just look…

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