Day 16 – When You Hit Rock Bottom….


If you’ve ever been to a 12 step meeting, you know that the first thing you hear is people admitting that their lives are out of control.

The first step back to health is admitting there is a problem. 

Sometimes it takes us being brought to our “spiritual knees” before we give in and admit that we are broken and need help and rest.

Some of us learn faster from the consequences of our actions while others have to have their consequence touched.

I am the proverbial, stubborn 2 year old who says, “NO!  DO IT MYSELF!” 

Even though that two year old has been wearing her shoes on the wrong feet and it hurts!

One of my favorite books is an allegory called Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard.

It tells the story of Much Afraid.  She is crippled, disfigured and lives in fear all the time.

One day, she meets the Shepherd and expresses her desire to go to the High Places with him.  (The High Places are a huge moutain range near her home.)

In order to go with Him, she has to break free from the relatives that taunt her and abuse her so that she can make the journey.

Well, she makes it….

But when Much Afraid gets to the beginning of her journey, she is terrified because she doesn’t think she’ll be physically able to make it. 

The Shepherd gives her two helpers.  The problem is, they are Sorrow and Suffering.

As she moves along her journey, they help her walk through the steep mountains.

In the process, Much Afraid has to come to the end of herself many times and Sorrow and Suffering are there to help her let go of what she’s been holding on to.

Each time Much Afraid thinks it’s just too much, she cries out to the Shepherd and says, “I can’t do this!  I am crippled!  Do you see how badly I walk?”

Each time, the Shepherd comes immediately to her and comforts her and reassures her…..telling her that all things are possible.

So what are your High Places?

What is in your life that is holding you back from going to the High Places?

Further, what are the reasons you give yourself for not pursuing your dreams?

I know that I am a lot like Much Afraid.  I allow things in my life to scare me or deter me.

Some of it is rational fear, but most of it is self confidence and a lack thereof.

Like Much Afraid, I think God waits on me sometimes to cry out to him and say, “Lord, I am so tired and broken.  I have tried so hard to keep it all together but I just keep dropping things.”

Ya know what?

God is always there and says, “I have been here all along.  Come here….Rest and let it go.  Just give it to me and I will bear your burden.  Trust me to take care of you.  Although Sorrow and Suffering may be your companions now, Joy comes in the morning.  And in the morning, you will be transformed because of the journey.”

So when you hit rock bottom, you’ve got two ways to go….

Straight up = Surrender

Sideways = Keep carrying your weight.  Figuratively and in my case physically.

I just feel like somebody needs to know that it’s okay to let it go and lay down what you’ve been carrying for so long.  You are tired and it’s time.  What is exposed loses power and therein healing takes place.

Not sure who that is for, but there it is.

I wish you all well on your journey!  
I am down 19 pounds in 16 days!

Journey on!!!!!

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2 Responses to Day 16 – When You Hit Rock Bottom….

  1. Anastasia says:

    I just finished emailing a friend telling her how tired I am and then I googled “what to do when you’ve hit rock bottom” and found this. Without hesitation, I can say this was for me. Thank you for putting this out there for me to find.

  2. sheriamorgan says:

    Anastasia –

    I am so happy that this was for you!

    It’s so cool how we get things like this in our daily lives….And it’s never by coincidence that stuff like this happens!

    I believe it’s a Godincidence because that’s when random acts or words become so specific! God loves us so much that He takes time to be that detailed.

    Blessings and Journey On!!!

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