Day 6 of My Reboot


“The craving for a Wendy’s burger is temporary. A healthy life is permanent and the opportunities are endless.

I am so looking forward to the opportunities I haven’t even imagined…….”

I said those very words two days ago.  I had to eat them tonight!

Today was a busy day at work and tonight I am hanging with Mr. Brodee watching TV.

Earlier, I dropped my Mom off to meet a friend and while I was driving back home, that “old feeling” crept in.

You know….

“It’s Friday night…You’ve worked hard all week.  You have a lot of personal issues you’re facing.  How about taking a break from your Reboot?   Just one meal…it won’t make THAT big of a difference.”

“You’re tired….”

“It’s just you tonight.  Nobody to cook for…”

“Man….Wouldn’t you love a Publix sub?”



Makes me nuts!

Why would I risk 6 days of detox for a few moments?  Not to mention the adverse side effects…emotional and physical.

The answer is simple…It’s a habit and a response.  Instead of doing what’s right, we do what is comfortable or what I like to call “familiar”. 

Note the last four letters of that word…”liar”.   Hmmm

It’s so easy tell ourselves a lie especially when it’s the path of least resistance.  Our flesh likes comfort.

But the reality is this….the easy way is not the best.  If that were true, it would be a breeze to lose all my weight!

But life is a journey and with that we have to go through and not drive thru.

When we choose to go through, we obtain the things we really need…not just what makes us happy.

So, I came home and made Roasted Acorn Squash with Mushroom, Garlic, Onion and Sage Dressing.


It was really good too! 

Now I am craving sweets!  But I am drinking chamomile tea instead.

At some point in my life, I have to put myself and my health above my temporary feelings and value what God created.

Journey on!!

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