Day 11 – Rebooted


Well, Day 11 is here and I am down 16 pounds.

I have no desire for junk or coffee!

Someone at work even made homemade brownies today and brought them in….Wasn’t phased.

And these weren’t your average brownies!!!

I am going to move ahead with a modified juice fast.  I will juice at least once per day, maybe twice.  I will also include a lot of vegetables and small amounts of lean meats in addition to healthy fats.  I will continue to exclude dairy because it’s making such a huge difference.

Was going through Facebook tonight and came across this link from the Juicing Vegetables page.

It’s the story of a young woman who has lost 105 pounds by eating a diet of whole foods.

Check it out!

Christi’s Transformation

Friday I officially start on the machines at the gym.  I have an appointment at noon.   No pain, no gain, right?

In addition to that I will also ride the recumbent bike and do water aerobics.

But right now…..It’s time for some chamomile tea and then to bed!

Journey on!


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